Gen 6-8

by Steve

Noah – what a story really – full of questions I am.
God regrets even having made the earth and man. Strange if you are God to regret anything really.
But then he finds Noah and his regret is turned to relief almost that he has found someone that He can live with. And so the story of Noah starts….

Noah is a good guy, sticks to the plan and the rest of the world just does their own thing it would seem. So He tells Noah what he is going to do and gives him the way to survive. Amazing level of detail of the construction of the boat really, never mind the trust that Noah must have had to follow and build that thing before the rain started.

He gets all the animals in, and it would appear that he needed 7 pairs of the clean kinds and only a single pair of the unclean ones. He does the whole survive the flood thing and the interesting thing is that I was wondering how they got the animals onto the ark in the first place, but when you see the statement near the end of the start of chapter 9 it could start to make some sense…..