When all is said and done, just go back and read it!

Gen 4-5

by Steve

This is that strange bit about how long people lived and who they were father too etc. it is hard to believe that people could have lived to almost 1000 years old! If you move a decimal point in and then look at the ages it seems a little more logical according to what we have around us today. Nobody would have lived to be older than 100 then.


Gen 1-3

by Steve

Genesis 1- 3 NIV

The first thing that I noticed was the mention of seeds during the creation process. Interesting in the context of things needing to reproduce.

Highlight in Genesis 2 was the fact that 2 trees were the important ones in the middle of the garden. The tree of life and then the other one that was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

They were initially allowed to eat from the tree of life, this seemed to be allowed – no problems – but it was the knowledge one that seemed to be the trouble. Do not to touch! Then the snake etc and they have selected the tree of knowledge and then they loose the right to eat from the tree of life…

What does this all mean? Surely knowledge is good, but I guess that not doing what you are told by God is the problem. It then gets locked away from them and us and we all loose access.

Just read the book ….. The rest will follow

by Steve

The first thing to say about this – I have decided to write this as a record for myself.

It is about reading the book again. Start to finish. Time to recover some of the secrets that I missed.